Maja Bali was born from a combination of the things I love. Fashion, the environment, Bali and my soul mate.

In 2015 I quit my job in fashion industry to pursue a life more fulfilling and more free. I packed my bags and left my home in Germany to explore Asia and experience what the world had to offer. My trip was only supposed to be 8 weeks, but the world had other ideas. 8 weeks of adventure turned into 5 years and my wildest dreams came true.

I met the love of my life and starting following my heart in which ever direction it would take me. It lead me all over the world but there was always one place it kept drawing me back to…Bali!

Bali is special. An Island rich in kind smiles, beautiful nature, opportunity and freedom. Every virtue I ever imagined my own fashion label to hold, Bali also holds in one way or another. From the kindest of the people, to a higher respect for nature. From the diversity of the people living on the island to the abundance of sustainable local produce.

I couldn’t imagine this label being anywhere else and I am so proud of our MAJA Bali brand, the  jobs we provide, the sustainable materials we source for our shipping and packaging, the charitable work we are able to do around the Island and in general the love we are able to share.

Maja Bali is for all of you girls around the world that hold virtues of love, empathy, sustainability, freedom and kindness. Our pieces are designed to make you feel good in your skin, to give you variety to wear in different ways, to give you a sense that you’re doing something more than just buying clothes.



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